Sunday, 01 February 2015 21:41

Lowdown on Laos

Lao- flavour

Laos is a land sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam and yet so unlike both. Its opened its doors to tourists for little over a decade and its still virgin-like in many ways. This slow paced, sparsely populated country (about 6 million as compared to 81 million in Vietnam!!), gorgeous landscape consisting of rivers, mountains, plenty of interesting caves, waterfalls is a good place to  hibernate for a while the rest of its SE Asia capitals seem to spin at top speed. So the modern day virus of cacophonic traffic, air pollution, crime, sex trade, ‘commercialization’ hasn’t hit Laos big time as yet!! The big American chains – Big Mac (Mac Donald’s!!) or 7/11s (mini mart chain) that were ubiquitous in Thailand were thankfully absent. Uncluttered streets, generous pavements and tree lined riverine promenades is more like it here.

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Tana Toraja (in Sulwaesi) is Indonesia’ best kept secrets.

Unspoilt area of  traditional villages, unique architecture and above its quaint culture which hasn’t faded away with time.     What's striking are their funeral ceremonies which last for months and even years.

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