The pandemic has ushered in a new reality. On one hand the social distancing is almost like a tearing of the social fabric as we know it. There is isolation and turmoil at various levels - within and around with no clear sense of how long this would last. This time is uncertain and disempowering in many ways and most crisises, the poorest are always the hardest hit.

Recent Event

Bwitchs International Fusion Bellydance Festival – Edition 2

Bwitchs International Bellydance Fusion festival – the second edition of India’s Largest International Bellydance festival in India took place on March 11th-14th, 2016.

It saw a whopping variety of acts, a never seen before variety from Khaleegy, hip hop bellydance fusion, Indian Classical Bellydance Fusion, Egyptian Street Shaabi, Tribal Fusion, Samba Fantasy Fusion, American Cabaret Bellydance, Baladi, Flamenco Fusion, Theatrical Bellydance among others.

This was the first time the bellydance festival took the form of a retreat. It was out of the city, in the quiet cradle of Nazri Resort – a perfect setting. Close to the beach, in the heart of Baga and yet very quiet with the view of the hills and lakes.

The main venue for our shows was TITOS – one of India’s top favorite art and entertainment venue.

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