My life path and philosophy

Leena enjoyed her cerebrally stimulating stint for an MNC, flying to varied locations, working on brand and marketing strategies. As she rose higher in the corporate world and travelled around the country, she once made a detour to the Himalayas on one of her corporate travels.

The Leh festival shifted something in her as she watched varied performers in the backdrop of the sacred mountains. She returned back and requested a sabbatical which would she thought would last a few months. That never ended.

Her life flipped and she her discovered an inner gypsy which backpacked around the world, walking new lands, photographing, writing, soaking in varied cultures – the people, their music, their dance, their lives. Never would she return to the 9-5 corporate world even though she was offered hi paying positions in London, Singapore, Cairo, Jakarta, Shanghai and Bangkok! An existence which sets her soul free to follow her instincts and gut is more soul satisfying if not totally wallet-filling but the trade off has been worth it.

Going back to what she totally enjoyed when young – dancing has been rewarding. It’s a very slow process of delving into the body and shaping it to speak a certain language.
It is gratifying to know ourselves by getting in touch with our body since the body never lies; it gives us insight and wisdom about our deepest self.

Mastering the Art of Bellydance is a slow one.
A continuous one to reach perfection which one can only be aimed for but never reached.

Currently Leena continues to work on select corporate assigments in a year while also deepening her dance.

Leena photographed and published some her travel epilogues in Indian Travel Publications such as JetWings, Outlook Traveller among others. Here is a glimpse of her adventure