Colleena Shakti (USA)

” Leena who is the organiser is a dear friend and a very important person to me as an artist. There are only few people in life we meet who understand our vision. Leena is one person who understands and respects my vision and we share the same vision of art. Hence Im very happy to be part of Bwitchs. “

Sedona Soulfire (USA)

” Being at Bwitchs ive felt nothing but positivity, great energy and good vibes from everyone. Im so proud that the festival is here .. that leena is anchoring the intentions of women empowerment in India through the arts. It’s the most beuatiful place to do it. Ive felt super inspired by the whole experience. My heart is light and bright with everything that has happened. “

Payal Gupta

” I had a wonderful time – all thanks to Leena who has taken of everything including little details! The workshops and students have been great. India has not seen such a great variety of bellydance acts from various countries. Ive had a wonderful time … “

Nika Mlakar (Slovenia)

” Leena took amazing care of teachers, students and everyone to ensure the whole festival was a total success. I loved my experience in India. I felt a strong connection with Leena and everyone .. I shall take back amazing memories and I hope to return! Muah! “

Nadia Nikishenko (Russia)

” We had a very good atmosphere of friendship, community and enjoyment. It was a coming together of the arts with a goal of empowering women which is very noble. Leena took amazing care of us. Was such a pleasure to be here! “

Natalie Nazario (USA)

” For me it was amazing to be part of this Women Empowerment Movement. All of my dancing is about expression and feeling. To do this in real life – to share our real selves without inhibition and with love is what the universal intention is about. Im entralled to be part of this well thought of festival. “

Arjun and Anant – Founders and Directors of Delhi Dance Academy

” I was chasing Leena for months, and tried contacting her on Whatsapp when she was in Goa busy with some workshops. With what I had heard about her, I knew that with Leena’s involvement, Delhi Dance Academy would be able to pinnacle belly dancing and contact improvisation in Delhi. I remember our first meeting where we discovered so much in common from our way of looking at the beauty in the world to our professional working ethics. Students loved Leena and we discovered a completely new, performer side of Leena during our annual show AVAJARRED 2 when Leena and her girls’ act blew the entire crowd away. Leena continues to be the head of Belly dancing at DDA and despite the fact that her work is taking her places, we know that we have someone as experienced, kind and talented as her in our board of advisors.I would recommend Leena for any professional assignment, teaching, veil work, contact improv etc in a blink of an eye. Wish you the very best always Leena. Until we meet in Delhi next, Arjun and Anant (Directors, Delhi Dance Academy) “

Vidur Sodani – Founder and Director of Elemention Gym Chain, New Delhi

” Leena has been teaching the Exy-Tone module (Belly dance Fitness) in our Adchini and Gurgaon branches, New Delhi. Must say my members have raved about her classes – its fun, well structured, highly oriented and targeted to getting the women to tackle their ‘problematic’ areas. Leena reinforces the positive, self-love spirit in these women. I not surprised that women are addicted to her class and miss her class terribly when Leena is off on her dance journeys around the world! “

Priyanka Dod, Director, Olive Bar and Kitchen

” Leena Viie has done shows in Delhi and Mumbai showcasing varied fusion acts for our venue which has a very elite clientele. Leena is someone I count as one of our favorite artists. I am always touched by the versatility of her talent, her innovative, international acts are one of a kind – can be compared with those I’ve seen in Europe and America. “

Ruchika Kukreja – Student, New Delhi

” I studied with Leena for several months – taking group and private lessons. Leena is amazing at breaking down every move – explaining in such great depth not only the muscular elements but even the emotional intent and nuances. I loved her strong warm up, encouraging friendly attitude and also her total strict disciplinarian persona! Leena has a strong individual style, eye for detail and knows well how to take her students on the next level!  “

Divya Parthasarathy – Student, New Delhi

” Before I actually started learning Belly Dancing, I attended Leena’s dance classes to get an idea about this dance form.  And I was hooked! Leena is truly inspiring and very knowledgeable about many dance forms. She is a very encouraging teacher and made sure I enjoyed every bit of the class- be it the exercises, the techniques or the choreography. She created positive energy in her class and left me feeling eager to learn more. Her amiable nature made me feel at ease. A brilliant dancer with graceful moves, Leena is an absolute delight to watch. Leena, I had a lot of fun learning and am waiting for you to hold workshops in Delhi. “