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Corporate workshops

Leena offers Bellydance workshop packages for Corporate Team building, Stress Management, Corporate Wellness Programs. Leena is excellent is making sure all participants are engaged, having fun while also bonding, destressing and learning also learning a few dance moves. Email to know more.

Upcoming Workshops

  • My upcoming workshops….
  • Private lessons available

Here are some workshops I offer. For full list of workshops or to request a workshop customized to your needs, please email me on [email protected]

  • Veil work – cascades, flicks, envelope, wraps, toga, burrito, butterfly, flourish, tucks and turns, box, angel wings, helicopter and smooth transitions
  • Baladi – Origin of the rhythm, how to recognize it, dance movements that complement it and short baladi choreography
  • Improvisation – the skill of improvising, being present in the body and yet attentive to the music. Various improv exercises will be drilled.
  • Choreographies
    – Megance – Oriental Veil intro with veil
    – Om Khaltoum Oriental Choreography (includes introduction to Tarab)
    – Drum Solo
    – Saidi

Here are glimpses from some Workshops